A little more…

Tuesday.. I think overall I did great!

I have been coming down with something, cant swallow :// so considering that; I walked for 45 min today and did about 11,000 steps total! Yay, I also did 1,485 Calories.. and Day 4 of the Cleanse; so took my

Spark and Probiotic in the morning,

Thermo plus before lunch

Lepti Lean before Dinner and then Fibo Trim and my cleanse pills before bed!


I had purchased the Lepti Lean, Thermo Plus and Fibo trim to try them all out. So far I like them all, the LeptiLean helps me curb my hunger, and the Fibo Trim has really helped with my digestion/moving waste through my system; the thermo im still trying to figure out .. but its supposed to help burn extra calories/up metabolism.

I cant remember if i said this yesterday but I had my scaled ‘taken hostage’ by my Life Coach.  I was weighing myself 10-15 times a day. yes.. obsessive. Id reward myself for losing a few pounds.. by eating.. and then if i gained a few pounds.. id eat out of sadness. So basically sabotaging myself the whole time. Its frustrating me a lot not having it.. and its been gone a week and a half. The last weigh in I had on it was 299.0.  So.. I think she is going to give it back in the middle of Sept. Hopefully it wont stress me as much; Im supposed to be concentrating on pant size…. was a 28; now a 24.  So.. thats what we will do here! :)) Oh and I also have measurements so Ill upload those soon :))



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