Day one using wordpress; check.


Hey Guys, not sure anyone will read this, but I wanted start a space that I could journal my weight loss journey.. and all that comes with that!

Im 37 yrs old, a mother of two awesome kids ages 5 and 7; live on the Oregon coast.. am married, and work as a Barista/Chocolatier in our family business.

I started using Advocare in July, and have since became an Advisor because I loved the products, and wanted the ability to benefit not only with my Health, but financially as well.. and spread the love and help to others through my experience!

My plan is to upload photos, videos, blog my thoughts feelings etc.. and maybe connect with others going through the same journey!


I woke up with a ‘fire in my gut’ to do better; that Im sick of being at this weight.  The last time I weighed I was almost 310 pounds. Ive lost and gained 100 pounds a few times; but always have been overweight. Some significant events have occured in my life this past year; to make me want to make a permanant change.  Im sure they will all eventually come out in the blog 🙂


I kept a hand written journal of what I ate and times; took my morning spark, and also started the 24 day challenge a few days back so today was Day 3 of the cleanse.

I stayed home today ( day off of work) with my 5 and 7 yr old and cleaned most of the day; so I was able to cook at home.  I find that I have a pattern; I do great until about 2pm them BAM.. im So hungry, all the cravings hit.

I felt like I did well today; writing down all of my food, taking my supplements; now Im going to add up the calorie total…. drum roll…2,120 calories. 

UGH.. my goal was 1500…. on the other hand; 2120 is pretty good compared to what I probably normally have!

I also have a goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day…; I didnt hit that today.  only 8000. 

Also, goal to drink 1 gallon of water.. did that!

On to tomorrow….

On to the next day; and to try again. 




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